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U.S. Valve, LLC. Manufacture of Techno Check


Superior Valve carries a large assortment of U.S. VALVE valves in stock for immediate shipment, including:

- Butterfly valves: we have inventory of butterfly valves in WAFER and LUG body style. They are all in ductile iron body. We have inventory for WAFER body style with 304SS discs and EPDM seat. Also inventory of LUG style with 304SS disc and EPDM seal or Ductile Iron Nickel Plated discs and BUNA seat. At this moment we are working on offering actuators. For now we have only manually operated valves (lever handle for 6" or smaller and gear operator for 8" and bigger).
- Single Disc wafer valve (similar to the Keystone series 809/810.
- Industrial ball valves - 400WOG, 600WOG and 1000WOG