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Titan (Check Valves)



Ductile Iron - Class 150 - Swing Wafer Style

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  • Sizes:  2" ~ 12"
  • Class 150
  • Swing-Wafer Style
  • Buna-N Seat
  • Stainless Trim

Model:  CV 31-DI

  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Minimizes Water Hammer
  • Minimal Head Loss



WOG: (water, oil, gas)

Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Class 150

250 PSI @ 100 F (1)
Buna-N Seat -20 ~ 250 F

1. As the temperature increases, the load capacity of the spring diminishes significantly. At higher temperatures, Inconel Springs must be used.



Ductile Iron check valves offer higher pressure ratings than Cast Iron check valves. For example, Ductile Iron check valves (2" ~ 24") are rated at 250 PSI WOG. By comparison, Cast Iron check valves (2" ~ 12") are rated at 200 PSI WOG and (14" ~ 24") are only rated at 150 PSI WOG.

  • Shut-off is achieved via the fully automatic, spring- assisted disc that closes at zero flow velocity

  • Quick closure of the disc reduces water hammer by creating a positive shutoff prior to flow reversal

  • Head loss is minimized by providing a compact face- to-face and a virtually unobstructed flow path

  • Ductile iron body maintains the anti-corrosive properties of cast iron while achieving a yield strength comparable to carbon steel

  • Can be installed in any position: vertical (with upward flow only) or horizontal

  • Anti-corrosive, stainless steel trim (disc, spring, and shaft) are standard

  • Field replaceable soft seat (o-ring) and precision machined disc ensure a bubble-tight seal

Narrow face-to-face dimensions and lightweight design provide an economical, space-saving solution